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The Election Offences include:

  1. Bribery

  2. Treating

  3. Undue influence

  4. Personation

  5. Voting knowing that one is subject to a legal incapacity to vote

  6. Voting more than once in the same constituency or in more than one constituency

  7. Supplying or wearing apparel bearing a political slogan, photograph or image advertising any candidate or party

  8. Tampering with nomination or ballot papers

  9. Selling intoxicating liquor during the hours of the poll

  10. Using, wearing or supplying any public address apparatus, loud-speakers, bunting, ensign, banner, standard/set of colours/flag as political propaganda on polling day

  11. Hiring or using a band of music on polling day

  12. Congregating within 100 yards of any polling station

  13. Influencing any elector to vote for any candidate on any public road within 100 yards of any polling station during the hours of the poll

  14. Seeking to ascertain what candidate any elector has voted for

  15. Making or publishing any false statement in relation to the personal character or conduct of a candidate

  16. Hiring or using premises which are licensed for the sale of intoxicating liquor or refreshment of any kind (food or drink) is ordinarily sold for consumption on the premises to be used as a committee room for the purpose of promoting or procuring the election of a candidate

  17. Employers refusal to allow to every elector in his employ a reasonable period of not less than one hour for voting

  18. The making of any deduction from the pay/renumeration of, or imposition of any penalty on, any elector for his absence during the period of not less that one hour for voting

  19. Acting or inciting others to act in a disorderly manner for the purpose of preventing the transaction of business at a lawful public meeting

  20. Failure to notify the Police not less than three hours before the holding of a political meeting in a public place of the intention to so do, during the prescribed election period

  21. Corruptly inducing or procuring a person to withdraw from being a candidate, in consideration of any payment or promise of payment

  22. The withdrawing of candidacy in pursuance of inducement or procurement for payment or promise of payment

Details of all election offences may be seen in the Election Offences and Controversies Act.