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General Elections 1966

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For the 1971 elections, the number of constituencies was increased from 12 to 24 with one (1) candidate per constituency elected to the House of Assembly.

On the 16th August, 1971 the Governor General issued a proclamation dissolving Parliament and issued Writs appointing Wednesday 25th August, 1971 as Nomination Day and Thursday 9th September, 1971 as Election Day. The Supervisor of Elections was Mr. Dennis A. Smith and the Deputy Supervisor of Elections was Mr. Geoffrey H. Edwards.

One thousand one hundred and forty two (1142) Election Officers were deployed at the Polling Stations as follows:

  • Twenty-four (24) Returning Officers
  • Twenty-four (24) Election Clerks
  • Two hundred and ninety-two (292) Presiding Officers
  • Six hundred and twelve (612) Poll Clerks
  • One hundred and ninety (190) Counting Assistants

Two hundred and twelve (212) Polling Stations were used and the cost of renting privately owned buildings was $30 or $50 depending on the size of the building and the facilities provided.

Fifty (50) candidates were nominated as follows:

  • Barbados Labour Party (BLP) - 24
  • Demoratic Labour Party (DLP) - 24
  • Independents (IND) - 2

  • There were 115,189 registered electors; 81.6% or 94,019 voted. The DLP received 57.4%, BLP 42.4%, and IND 0.2% of the votes cast.

    The election of members to serve in the House of Assembly was as follows: -

  • Barbados Labour Party - 6
  • Demoratic Labour Party - 18
  • Independents - 0

  • The full report can be purchased from the Electoral and Boundaries Commission - Electoral Department.