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The House of Assembly is an elected body which initially comprised to (2) representatives from each of the eleven (11) parishes which were also the constituencies. In 1843 the representatives increased to twenty-four (24) with the introduction of two (2) representatives for a constituency called Bridgetown, which took the total constituencies to twelve. From 1971 the number of constituencies was increased to twenty-four (24) with the candidate receiving the most votes in each constituency being elected to the House of Assembly.

From 1660 until 1901 the life of the Assembly was two (2) years, in 1937 it was extended to three (3) years, and in 1951 it was extended to five (5) years.

There were:

  • Twelve (12) constituencies prior to 1971,
  • Twenty-four (24) constituencies from 1971-1980,
  • Twenty-seven (27) constituencies from 1981-1990,
  • Twenty-eight (28) constituencies from 1991-2002 and
  • Thirty (30) constituencies from 2003 until present