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The following centres are operational on Tuesdays.

Constituency Centre Registering Officer
Westbury Primary School (Bridgetown) Ms. G. Medford
Vauxhall Primary School(Christ Church West Central) Mrs. R. Springer
Warrens Polytechnic (St. Michael North East) Mrs. G. Bridgeman-Bushell
Cuthbert Moore Primary School (St. George North) Mr. W. Estwick
Lawrence T. Gay Memorial School (St. Michael West Central) Mr. L. Walters
St. Giles Primary School (St. Michael East) Mr. M. Ford
St. Bernard's Primary School (St. Joseph) Mr. C. Bostic
St. Lawrence Primary School (Christ Church South) Mr. K. Hall
Hilda Skeene Primary School (St. Philip North) Mr. H. Alleyne
St. Stephen's Nursery School (St. Michael North West) Mr. C. Haynes
Roland Edwards Primary School (St. Peter) Mr. R. Small
St. Patrick's Church Hall (St. Philip West) Ms. P. Morgan
Old Carrington Primary School (St. Michael South Central) Ms. L. Wiseman
St. Alban's Primary School (St. James North) Mr. A. Greaves
Holy Innocents Primary School (St. Thomas) Mr. H. Bovell

The following centres are operational on Wednesdays.

Constituency Centre Registering Officer
Bay Primary School (St. Michael South) Mr. E. Thompson
Christ Church Girls' School(Christ Church East Central) Mr. M. Sealey
Eden Lodge Primary School (St. Michael North) Mr. R. Batson
Ellerton Primary School (St. George South) Mr. E. Thorpe
Nazarene Church, Bank Hall (St. Michael Central) Mr. E. Henry
Parkinson Secondary School (St. Michael South East) Mr. C. Archer
St. Andrew's Primary School (St. Andrew) Mr. N. Hall
St. Christopher Primary School (Christ Church East) Mr. H. Archer
St. John's Primary School (St. John) Mr. R. Harris
St. Leonard's Boys' School (St. Michael West) Mr. R. Browne
St. Lucy's Secondary School (St. Lucy) Mrs. L. Collins
Reynold Weekes Primary School (St. Philip South) Ms. Y. Babb
Arthur Smith Primary School (Christ Church West) Mr. W. Taylor
Land Tax Dept., Holetown (St. James Central) Mrs. A. Holland
Western Light Nazarene Church, Oxnards (St. James South) Mrs. B. Bovell